Welcome to Electric FX Corp©

Lic. # 952540

We are a full-service electrical contractor that delivers residential and commercial electrical contracting services.

Versatility Counts…

  Whether your need is a home remodeling or repair project or a small-scale to mid-size commercial development project our extensive experience assures you of receiving the highest caliber electrical contracting services, regardless of the size and scope of work required.

Timeliness & Accessibility Counts…

  Have you ever experienced the need to have professional electrical services on the weekend, only to find, they were not available until Monday? How about the need to have someone install a new ceiling fan, however, your busy work schedule only affords you time in the evenings or weekends to be home to open up your house. How about dealing with an emergency situation that needs to be handled in a timely manner?  How about a business retrofit that can only have work done after normal business hours?  At Electric FX Corp, we believe it is important that we are accessible and ready to serve our clients needs at any time that is necessary.  We do not believe in scheduling a 4 hour window as we know your time is valuable. Electric FX takes pride in our punctuality and flexibility.  Reach out to us and let us meet your challenging time constraints and/or requirements.

  We are confident that once we show you how responsive and affordable we are that you will turn to us each and every time.

Quality & Service Counts…

  We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship and our implementation of high technical standards.  Let us prove to you how important quality standards are and how important customer satisfaction is to us by serving our clients with respect, providing timely and efficient service, and delivering on our commitments.

Trust Counts…

  In other words, count on someone who you can truly trust to meet your electrical services needs and don’t take a chance on a jack-of-all trades/handyman whom may or may not be able to provide you quality electrical services and most importantly, deliver you piece of mind with your electrical project.

Pricing & Value Counts…

  Another factor to consider when selecting a service provider is how large is the company and how important is your project to their business. Newly acquired clients have shared with us that in their past experiences with large electrical contractors that pricing for services were often inflated due to multiple layers of tradesmen involved; either directly or indirectly that it typically took a small-scale project and turned it into a project requiring a large-scale budget.

  At Electric FX Corp our value proposition is to provide our clients with superior quality electrical services at competitive rates, resulting in us earning long-term customer loyalty and client referrals. 

  We invite you to explore our site and to learn more about our exciting suite of services.

  Contact us today and tell us about your specific electrical project needs, so we can help you arrive at an affordable solution and together…we can begin building a successful long-term relationship.